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Women's focused Psychotherapy, Healing and Coaching 

"Having worked with women from all walks of life over many years, I have seen firsthand that the impact having a therapist, coach or mentor can have on a women's life, helping them to feel emotionally well and physically healthy, to heal from difficult situations and events of the past and present, to be able to overcome challenges and remain steadfast despite the many obstacles life puts in their way and to embody what it means to them to be a woman. It has been a privilege to walk beside so many incredible women and support them on their journey" - Annabel Lynch

Healing for women 

Healing provides a way for your body and mind to let go of difficult emotions such as stress, anxiety or sadness. These difficult emotions may have been caused by relationships (whether family, romantic, friendship or work based), specific events or situations that have you have been unable to let go of, or could be a result of something you are currently going through. Healing will help you to process these emotions and let them go, so you are able to move on and experience new feelings of more energy, vitality, purpose, connection and peace. Annabel uses body psychotherapy and meditation to support emotional processing and emotional release. 

Counseling and therapy for women 

Counseling, or talk therapy, provides a safe place for you to share problems or worries. Therapy focuses on the level of the mind, helping you to identify any unhelpful ways of thinking, that may be contributing to stress, anxiety or depression, while helping you to develop a more resilient mindset that will support your wellbeing. Some of the issues that can be resolved through counseling and therapy include stress, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, work related issues and parenting issues.  Annabel uses an integrative approach that includes cognitive behavioral therapy, cognitive based mindfulness therapy and positive psychology. 

Coaching for women

Coaching takes all of the healing and ideas that have come up during therapy and puts them into action, so you can make real life transformation in your wellbeing, work, life and relationships. 

Annabel uses a unique blend of coaching tools that will support you in getting the most out of life and help you to make your dreams a reality. She uses a solution focused and very practical approach that creates rapid results and transformation. Annabel helps her clients set the foundation for a life of well-being, by teaching them tools and techniques to support their wellbeing across the lifespan.

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